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Romano is next to you, having a quick siesta or whatever it's called. He was supposed to have it before you arrived, but when you got home, he was already sleeping. You simply sat down next to him, waiting for him to awaken.

"__-_______?" he asks with a yawn, sitting up. "Wha…what are you doing here?"

"Remember our date?" you say as you keep your gaze on your shoes.

"What time is it?"

"Nearly six," you sigh as you stand. "We missed our reservation."

"__-_________! I…shit. Shit! Why didn't you wake me up, woman?"

"I tried, but you pushed me away and told me, 'five more minutes.' If I knew it was going to be a whole hour more, I would have woken you up with cold water!"

"D-don't get mad at me! It's not my fault!"

"Oh, it isn't? Right, because I'm the one who decided to 'take a nap' ten minutes before we were due at the restaurant!"

"You're so fickle!" he yells before he grabs you by the face and smashes his lips into yours. His lips taste faintly of tomatoes with a hint of pasta, and it's quite delicious actually. "I'm sorry," he murmurs, changing tactics quickly. It isn't like Lovi to be so out of character as to say 'I'm sorry.'

It takes you by surprise and he uses this to his full advantage.

Out of his pocket, he pulls out a little black box, dropping to one knee. He is the color of ripe tomatoes, and he can't look you directly in the eye. "I…was going to ask this at the restaurant, but I guess here will have to work. __-_______? Will you marry me?"

You stare at him for so long that his face falls, and he stands. "O-oh. I…shit. I thought we were on track and everything, that we both were ready for—"

You press your lips against his, knocking him down onto his bed. The bed jumps underneath the weight of the both of you. "Yes! I accept!" You can't help the tears that are being spilt everywhere. You both lay there a while, his arms around your waist, and he waits for you to stop crying.

He rolls on top and slides the ring onto your left ring finger. "Mrs. ________ Vargas," he whispers to himself, amazed at the fact that he's found someone who loves him so much. He never thought he'd find that, someone who wants him so much, especially when it's him or his brother.

Inferiority complex.

"You are the handsomest man I know," you murmur provocatively as you unbutton his shirt.

"I…what?" he gulps as your fingers work, and you slide his shirt off, revealing his smooth upper body. Your fingertips are gentle and light against them. "What…what are you doing?"

"Kiss me, Lovi~"

He hesitates before he decides to do so, and his tongue slides in with ease. You find that your fingers get lost in hair, and when you hear a deep moan coming from within Romano, you realizing you're stroking his curl. This turn something animalistic within him, and his hands slid to your back, catching the zipper of your dress. You push your body up so he can unzip you, and you slide off the dress.

"Sei bellissima," Lovino whispers as he gazes at your body.

You help him take off his clothing; he doesn't protest. Your fingers lightly graze his body as you move to kiss him.

"Ti amo," you tell him.

He's gentle with you. The way he caresses your body, the way he removes your clothing—you can tell how much he wants this, how much he loves you. He lightly massages your breasts, determined to make you feel good. He takes one of your pert nipples into his mouth while his fingers play with the other one. He loves the way you gasp his name as he pleasures you.

Then goes your panties.

He stares at you for a good amount of time before he decides to touch it, lightly rubbing his finger over your clit. You can't help the moans that erupt from you, especially when he decides to try slipping in his fingers.

Your core is throbbing and wet, and you push him off so you can take off his boxers. Your heart is pounding as you do, seeing as how this whole even is happening on a whim and you've never done this before, but you brace yourself for what is to come. He's terribly excited, and you touch the head gently before running your fingers alongside it, down to the base.

And then you put your whole hand around it.

"W-what are you doing?" he asks, the simply motion of touching it already exciting him even more. "Fermarti. Non lo fare…"

"Why?" you ask teasingly as a smirk grows on your face.

He grabs you by the hips and pulls you on top. "This…this is my first time, bella. I just…dammit, it isn't that I don't want you to, it's that—"

"You want to do something else?" you ask, smiling.

He suddenly flips you over, pinning you down. "Sei sicura?" he asks before his lips meet yours. "Do you really want this? I will wait."

"Take me right now," you order him.

And he listens to you.

He starts off slowly and gently, pushing his member slowly inside you. Your body trembles at the blossoming pain, and you close your eyes, telling yourself to relax. When you open your eyes, you see how nervous Romano looks as he reaches the furthest he can inside you.

And he slowly slides out.

"Are you okay?" he asks you, reassuring himself that he isn't hurting you. He doesn't want to hurt you.

"F-fine. You…you can speed up," you murmur to him.

Yes, there's pain, but there's also pleasure as well. It's a beautiful mixture of the two, a heaven and a hell. But as he speeds up, washing away the fear and the pain, ecstasy takes over. Every thrust feels wonderful, every time he says your name. The moans and gasps, the sounds your bodies make as they rub and hit against each other, the way the bed creaks as it supports the constant movement on top…it's all a beautiful symphony.

And you scream his name when you orgasm; he closely follows afterwards, and he fills you entirely.

He collapses beside you, panting from the vigorous work out you two just did. He pulls you close to him.

"Mio bel fiorellino..." he murmurs beside you before he kisses your forehead. "I love you."


There are two moments when you are glad to get your period. One is at least five days before a major event that your period would ruin, like going to beach or perhaps a surgery. Second is when you're late.

And you're late.

"Hey, Lovi?" you say casually as you sit down in front of him. "I need to tell you something."

"What is it?" he asks, slightly distracted by the pizza he has in his hands.

"I'm a week late," you blurt.

He freezes up entirely. "But…but aren't you on the pill?"

You nod. "The pill is only like…99% effective. I mean, I've taken every day this month without fail…so I don't know why I'm a whole week late."

"D-dammit, woman!" he blurts before he runs into his room. You stare after him, your heart beating quickly. So he's mad at you… Does this mean your whole relationship is compromised? He suddenly leaves his room, keys in hand. "Wait here! Don't move! I'm going to go buy one of those…pregnancy test things! Aspetta!"

You do as he orders, only moving so you can get on the couch.

Shit. You guys should've thought that through before. Sure, the pill should have protected you but… You feel tears rolling down your face as you cover your mouth. Romano hates you now, and you're pregnant.

The door suddenly bursts open, and you try to wipe off the evidence of your weeping before Romano can see you. It doesn't help because he's quickly next to you.

"No, no…you think I'm mad, don't you? Dammit…no, I'm not! Sure, I'm kind of…stunned, but I'm not mad. I'm happy!" He kisses your mouth before kissing your wet, flushed cheeks. "Besides, we're getting married!"

"R-really?" you hiccup.

"Now go," Lovi holds up about four different tests. His face goes red when he sees your look. "Don't…don't look like that, okay? I just want to be sure!"

You giggle at how embarrassed he's getting and take the tests into the bathroom with you.

Though as soon as you pull down your panties, you notice a red spot staining your cotton underwear.

"R-roma!" you yell.

"Is it positive? What's going on?"

You choke back your laughter. "No! My period just started."

You pretend not to notice when he starts to angrily mutter about how you hyped him up for no reason.

Um, I don't really know... I tried, but I'm more of a fluff writer than a lemon writer. XD Also, it might be a little on the mild side, so maybe a lime? XD

Anyway, here you go!

I'm sorry for any under-doing of any character, any swearing (unless you like swearing), any first person pronouns (which they're most likely some in the story), and any grammatical errors.
Thanks for reading!

Romano/Lovino Vargas © Hidekaz Himaruya.
You © Romano
Since y'all are apparently not capable of using Google translate and keep asking me for translations, I will now FINALLY put up the Italian translations despite not having done it for the past two years BECAUSE LEAVE ME ALONE I AM LAZY JFC I'm just kidding, sorry for not putting it up earlier. Here it is:
Sei bellissima = You're beautiful
Ti amo = I love you
Fermarti. Non lo fare... = Stop it. Don't do it...
bella = beauty
Sei sicura? = Are you sure?
Mio bel fiorellino... = My beautiful flower...
Aspetta! = Wait!
I might be missing some Italian, but this is what I could find. Oh well!
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I was 15 when I wrote it so everything was shorter and had a faster pace, so I see what you mean

Nowadays, 3 1/2 years later, I actually can't help but write super long fics so I know what you mean! It does feel pretty fast
Riliane-chan Featured By Owner Jul 21, 2015
I love this fan fic! *^* and... I'm Italian and all the phrases are correct :D 
EpicCatBomb Featured By Owner Aug 9, 2015   Digital Artist


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Riliane-chan Featured By Owner Edited Aug 16, 2015
It depends, it can be either "beauty" or "beautiful" depending on the phrase ^^
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Tu sei bella= You are beautiful
Ciao, bella= Hello, beauty
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JordanWeist2015 Featured By Owner Jun 26, 2015
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foreverbeforenight Featured By Owner Jun 27, 2015  Hobbyist Artist
Okay? I mean, it is a little unwarranted, because I, in no way, said my lemon was unique among all other lemons, so yes, you do come off a bit rude since your only purpose on commenting was to call me out on an obvious fact that was never stated otherwise. No offense, but if it was meant to be constructive criticism, it doesn't really sound like it. It just sounds a little...bitter. I don't mind, though. I mean, it's your opinion, and if you didn't enjoy it because it wasn't some exciting and unique lemon...well, I won't apologize for not being your cup of tea, but I do wish you luck on finding lemons that you really enjoy. Fan fiction is for fun, and it it comes off as cliché, that is okay by me, because (1) this was a request, (2) I wrote this 3 years ago with 0 actual knowledge about sex, (3) I write fluff waaaaay more than lemons, and (4) it was for fun.

I don't plan on writing any more lemons anytime soon, but I do feel like I must ask: what exactly constitutes a cliché lemon, and how would one make a unique one that you would find satisfying?
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But not as cute as Chibi Romano with a big tomato and Chibi Spain with turtles!!!!!!! Actually no that is cuter then these now that I think about it. But they are close. Sorry for the rant :P
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