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There were many things that were difficult about college, and one of those things was not living at home. You had heard of the many horrors of the dorm living, and with your mother working in a completely different state, you had to drive up all by yourself, with a shitload of stuff for your dorm room.

If the dorms were really as tiny as rumors said, then you had no idea how you were going to both move everything in and organize everything.

And your roommate! It was some girl named Circe, whom you had tried to talk to throughout the entire summer, but she had been so standoffish. You two had organized nothing together, so you had just decided to bring everything of you thought you’d need and not let the awful bitch use any of it. Whatever. It wasn’t as if you had to be her best friend or anything.

You parked your truck in the designate parking lot for your building—a twelve-story “high-rise”—and you thanked your lucky stars that you were only on floor six because you couldn’t even imagine being on floor twelve, especially if the power went out. You took out the tiny dolly you had purchased this past weekend to help you move things up. It would take multiple trips, but you were confident you’d be able to do it on your own.

That didn’t mean someone offering to help wouldn’t be nice.

You lugged the heavy mini-fridge—only 2.3 cubic feet, but heavy nonetheless!—with a small microwave on top. After you finished setting everything up, you’d go on a quick grocery run because the drive had been three hours and you were practically starving by now. The steps were the tricky part, and you could believe that such a big school didn’t have any wheelchair ramps—for the disabled and for those solely carrying heavy stuff that couldn’t afford to miss a step and break something—whether their items or themselves.

No one got the doors for you, so you propped open the door and yanked the heavy dolly into the lobby of your new home. You were greeted by the RAs, though they didn’t offer any help when you entered, dragging the dolly with all your force. Going down those stairs had been a nightmare, and you were completely breathless by this point.

“Welcome to Hetalia University!” said a tall blond with bright blue eyes. “Can I see your ID, dude? I can verify you that way and give you yours information and keys.”

You were careful when you straightened out the dolly before you fumbled in opening your cross body purse as your aching fingers refused the properly grasp the zipper slider. You finally managed to yank it open, taking out a sheet with your information on it and your wallet. You handed him the sheet so he’d know your name and room, and then you showed him the school ID you had received only a few weeks ago at orientation.

“That’s awesome, dude! You’re on the sixth floor, room 0621,” the guy said as he typed into the computer in front of him. “I am not the RA for that floor as floor six is girl’s only, but I swear I’m best friends with your RA, Miriam.” He stood up. “Let me go fetch your keys real quick. Wait right here, bro.” The wait was enormous, and by the time that he returned, you had realized you could’ve gone out and gotten out some of your luggage. “Cool! Here you go! Your roommate is already here. Hope you enjoy it here, freshie!”

You smiled awkwardly at him as you accepted the key and put everything back into your purse before you moved on with your heavy dolly. You made it to the elevator—thank God for its existence—and you mashed the up button.

It took a while for it to get down to the first floor, and by the time it had opened, a crowd of students and their parents had formed around you, all waiting for the same elevator. This place had three different elevators—did they all really have to come to this one? When the doors finally opened, you went to move your dolly as a wave of students flooded into the empty elevator.

“Sorry, it’s full,” one person called out—her mother nodded sympathetically—and the doors closed in front of you.

You tried not to whine about how you had been here first, instead choosing to accept your fate and letting them go. The elevator left without you, leaving you to press the up button once more.

The second time was a lot more successful than the first time, and it turned out that only one person stood next to you, waiting for the same elevator. He had slightly long brownish hair, his eyes focused on the numbers indicating where the elevator was at the moment. Eighth floor, coming down. One person stepped out, when it finally opened, and the guy quietly let you get on first. He moved to help you, but you were inside before he could lend you a hand. You thanked him internally, reaching for the button for the sixth floor, but he got there before you could.

“Excuse me,” he said as he hit the number nine. You took a mental note because he was cute, and his blue eyes were some of the prettiest you had ever seen. “What floor?”

“Oh. Uh, six.”

He pressed that number and stepped away to give you space. You studied him quietly. He was tall and appeared kind of thin, but a peek up his short sleeved T-shirt, and you got to see muscles there. He only carried a large backpack and a suitcase with him, and he kept his eyes fixed on the numbers as well. The quietness bothered you. You wished he’d say something.

The elevator dinged, and when the doors opened, you realized you were at your floor. You moved to get the cart, but the guy stepped in. “Here, let me help you with this.”

“I’m fine, but thank you.” You grabbed the handle and pulled it out of the elevator.

“See you around,” he called out, and he gave you a kind smile.

The doors closed before you could say anything back, but you were probably a little too stunned to say anything. His smile and his general attempts to be helpful warmed your heart—or maybe that was just the intense heat coming from outside. You turned around, trying to take away all thoughts about the cute guy. You had a heavy dolly to carry down to your room and more luggage to carry up to this floor.

The rooms were tiny, of course, but you somehow managed to make everything fit in the room. Your roommate was Circe, of course, but you had only seen her very briefly; she had already unpacked her stuff by the time you had arrived, and by the time you came back from dinner with your friend Irunya, she had already fallen asleep. It was only eight in the afternoon, but from the size of pile of textbooks, you understood she was probably one of those overly-dedicated, super-intelligent girls.

She probably needed that sleep more than anything.

So, you spent a few hours on the internet with the lights off and the brightness of your lap top screen at its lowest setting. You weren’t worried about school. General education didn’t faze you. When you finally turned off your lap top and went to sleep, your thoughts fluttered over to the cute guy who had offered to help you—very brief thoughts that dissipated as exhaustion rolled in through your body, and you closed your eyes, falling asleep.


He was in your Geology class. You hadn’t been sure the first day because there were 160 students in your class and you had only seen him for a minute a few days before, so when you had caught sight of him two rows behind you and three seats down, you had thought you were mistaken.

But the second day, you had arrived early and as you sat on your phone, you happened to glance up briefly—just in time to catch him staring at you as he entered. He quickly looked away, headed back to where he had been sitting the first day of class, and you blushed as you thought about him actually being interested in you.

But you never spoke to him. You’d see him, from day to day, in your class and sometimes in the cafeteria and sometimes going in and out of the building. You two had failed to meet again in the elevator, much to your dismay, because you knew you probably wouldn’t be able to build up the courage to talk to him otherwise. So, you spent weeks this way, sneaking peeks in his directions and always making sure to look your best at least every Tuesday and Thursday, which was when you had your Geol class with him. It was a 9:30AM class, but you still found the ability to get up a few minutes early to do your make-up on those days, hoping that one day, he’d notice you and talk to you.

Weeks went by like this. No moves were made.

However, one day, the stars aligned just perfectly for you, the day when you Geol teacher cancelled class.

You had been running to class—you had woken twenty-five minutes late and had to forgo any chance to shower. You had thrown on some clothing and pulled your hair back to avoid having your hair look too greasy. You stuffed your things into your backpack for the day and ran out of your dorm. The elevator had a long line of people in front of it, so you decided to run down all those flights of steps—and nearly died in the flight of stairs between the third and second floor, your ballet flat nearly slipping off and flying forward. You caught yourself as you ran forward, and your phone buzzed with a notification of a new e-mail. You didn’t have time to read it, so you told yourself that as soon as you sat down in your Geol class, you’d check that e-mail.

You had to push a few people out of your way as you ran, with only ten minutes to get from your side of campus to the opposite end where your Geol class was. You crossed at the crosswalk, like a responsible pedestrian, but you didn’t check to see if any cars were passing—a car nearly hit you as you ran across to the other side of the street. There were about a million stairs between and your class, and you made sure to run up every one of them, and somehow, you managed to make your journey to your Geol class in only seven minutes, with three to spare.

You paused, resting against the wall next to the door. People threw you glances as you tried to regain your breath and fix your hair and wiped away at some of the sweat with a tissue. It only took you a minute, which was when you turned around and went to the door, pulling it to open the door.

The classroom was empy.

Holy shit, your Geology class was missing. You let out a puff of frustrated air as you took out your phone to check the time—9:30AM, which meant that the class was clearly supposed to be starting right now. Thursday, 02 October—class was supposed to be in session today.

The little notification was on the mail shortcut, and you finally pressed on it.

There was something about an event this Saturday, and there was also one from your Geology teacher.

2 October, 2014 at 8:12AM

Hey, All,

Sorry for such a last-minute e-mail, but I’ve been feeling sick and can’t make it to the any of the Thursday classes. There’s an online assignment that I uploaded last night, and though it was optional before, it’s mandatory now, to compensate for the lack of class instruction today. It’ll definitely help anyone who is struggling with the concepts of chapter 12, and the due date has been extended to midnight on Sunday. Prepare for class next Tuesday, though.

You nearly collapsed on the floor right there, and that was when someone else burst through the doors. He glanced at the empty lecture hall and then over at you before he walked out. You sighed, pocketing your phone as you headed back to the door and out of the classroom, wishing you had read the e-mail and not almost given yourself an asthma attack while running over here. You had just gotten out of the building when you ran into the kid who had offered to help you. He glanced at you as he went to open the door, and you stopped, considering telling him that the class was canceled.

“Excuse me?”

He had called for you. You whipped around you.

“Are you not going to class?”

“Class got canceled,” you informed him, and you held up your phone. “He sent an e-mail over an hour ago. I also didn’t read it until I walked into the classroom and found it empty.” You looked past him where someone running late came rushing down the hall and into the classroom, only to find it deserted. “We’re not the only ones, so I don’t feel so bad about it.”

“Oh,” he said. He smiled brightly, and it was kind of…a smile that made you feel all warm inside. You had the feeling that he usually had that effect on people. “Have…have you had breakfast?”

You shook your head, just realizing how pained your stomach felt from lack of food. “I got up late, so I guess I forgot to even bring a granola bar.”

“D-do you want to have breakfast…w-with me?” He seemed concerned for your safety, but his offer still stunned you. “I…I wanted to introduce myself for a while, but I guess I haven’t had the chance until now.” He held out his hand, and you hesitantly took it. His palm was warm and soft. “I’m Toris Laurinaitis. Nice to formally meet you.”

“(Name)(Last Name),” you answered, smiling lightly at him. “I wanted to thank you, by the way, for offering to help at the beginning of the semester. In the elevator.”

“Oh.” His cheeks turned scarlet. “Oh, no, that’s fine. I was just being courteous.”

He was a little shy, and it was adorable. You held back your grin without much success. “Okay, breakfast. Is breakfast at the cafeteria, okay?” He nodded, and a smile lit up his face. He was a little plain, but you thought that when he smiled, that was when he was the most beautiful. “Good. Okay. We should…we should go then.”

The walk back was pleasant. You two talked about each other, about how he loved literature and did some martial arts (he humbly told you he didn’t do it very successfully, his cheeks a bright pink) and how he drove a second-hand car that he had worked for two years to get. He was proud of all the work that came into getting his little car, and he even offered to show it to you one day. You two lived in the same residence hall, after all. You told him about your major, which was math, and how penguins were your favorite animals. It was just small talk, meant for the two of you to get to know each other.

Eating at the cafeteria was nice, even though when you reached for a slice of pizza, you accidentally hit the metal plate it was on and sent it backwards, spilling pizza everywhere. You apologized about twenty times to the cooks, and though they told you it was all right, you trudged over to the table Toris had chosen for the both of you, a small little table for two near the windows. He comforted you, having seen you accidentally push the pizza onto the floor, and you could tell that it was genuine concern that he was feeling.

This was the first day of your friendship. You could tell he was the big brother type, and he was so kind and strangely serious and cheerful and introverted, that you couldn’t help but want to spend time with him and help him with the weight of his two friends who took advantage of him—Feliks and Ivan.

And before you knew it, you were in love.


She was doing an intense study session for her business calculus class, and every little sound you made had her yelling at you because apparently, you didn’t understand what “hard work” was like.

Circe was seriously grating your nerves, but you didn’t say anything. You knew she cared deeply about her academics, to the point where it was practically an obsession, but it wasn’t fair of you to judge her for what made her happy. However, you were a math major. You were taking Calculus 2, so obviously, yes, you did know a little something about hard work, and it wasn’t your fault that you happened to finish work earlier than she did. Maybe you weren’t an overachiever like her, or maybe she just didn’t enjoy hanging out with other people as much as you, but you were trying to cope.

You were already in your shorts and T-shirt, while your roommate was still fully dressed—and it was one in the morning, now officially Saturday. Your roommate was studying on a Saturday. You were halfway debating heading down to the first floor to plop down on one of the couches near the vending machine, but your plans were changed really quick when the alarm suddenly went off—the fire alarm. Your roommate let out a string of curse words as she slammed her pencil down and stood up, her chair falling over with the force of frustration that she had exerted. She was out the door before you could even pull on your shoes and grab your phone and keys.

You knew it wouldn’t be serious, and luckily, the weather app on your phone said it was only about 70°F out there.  Also, even more luckily, you only lived on the sixth floor—it was only six flights of stairs down, since elevators weren’t supposed to be used during emergencies like a fire. You thanked the stars for not living on the twelfth floor.

But poor Toris. He was on floor nine.

The staircases were practically clogged, probably more of a hazard than the elevator at this point. You managed to get down after a few minutes, and people were still pouring out of your building by the time you had made it safely onto the sidewalk next to the road. Your phone vibrated at a new text, and you smiled when you saw that it was from Toris.

Where are you? Are you okay?

Before you could respond though, the gentle hands of Toris grabbed your arm, and you burst into laughter when you took a good look at him.

He was half-naked.

He was also blushing.

Apparently, Toris slept in only boxers, and when the alarm had gone off, he only had had the chance to grab the important things—flip flops, his phone, and keys. Toris crossed his arms in front of his chest, but he honestly had no reason to be so self-conscious. Sure, his abs were not defined at all, but you still thought he looked hella attractive. You liked this side of him, and you tried not to let your eyes wander south—even if you were a little curious about the package wrapped in plaid.

“I-I was sleeping, okay?” he whined softly, but he stepped closer to you when some girls passed by and checked him out.

You felt a surge of jealousy. “I’m not complaining.”

“What?” You could tell how surprised Toris was at your choice of words and also how stupid your choice of words had been.

You turned to face him as your face began to burn. “I-I mean, there…there isn’t anything wrong. We’re all adults here. You’re not wearing shorts and a shirt. I’m not wearing a bra or socks.” You wanted to slap yourself for that, especially when Toris’s innocent eyes widened. “A-anyway, just don’t make a big deal about it!”

“I won’t,” Toris promised, turning slightly away from you.

A group of girls approached him, and it made you wish you had worn a tank top like they had. Breasts where breasts, no matter how flat or gigantic they were, and most guys found them sexually appealing, and you were pretty sure Toris was into girls. His face was crimson, and the girls were tittering and giggling, and he was cracking a smile and easing into a conversation with them. It was weird to see him act so awkward around girls because he did pretty well with you, even if it did take him a few weeks to finally speak to you.

You pulled out your phone from the pocket of your shorts, and you sighed in relief when you saw that you had also brought your headphones. The annoying shrill was still coming from inside your building, and you could see that a lot of the students in the other high-rise building next to yours had flicked on their lights. A few looked out on the huge crowd of roughly six-hundred students standing outside their building as they waited for the fire trucks to arrive.

You put the earbuds in, clicking on the first song.

The alarm was so loud that you had to put up the music. You felt someone brush your arm and looked to find Toris next to you, having torn himself away from the beautiful harpies—all right, that insult had been uncalled for, but the jealousy was strong in you—and he pointed at your left earbud. You laughed a little and took it out, handing it to him. He took the earbud in one hand and took your hand with the other, leading you towards a spot where the two of your could sit as you waited.

His palm was warm. His fingertips lingered on the opisthenar of your hand. He started singing along, and you just choked back your laughter as you watched the people passing in front of you. A few glanced over at you, and you could hear Toris’s voice fading in embarrassment, so you took a deep breath and sang along with him, even if you couldn’t hold a note well. Glancing over at him, it was the exact reaction he was hoping for. A bright smile lit up his face, and you didn’t regret the fire alarm anymore.

Even if it had been forty minutes already.

“You know you’re, like, singing out loud?”

You looked up at the face of Toris’s best friend, Feliks. He appeared annoyed at the sight of the both of you, and he plopped himself down between the both of you after yanking the earbud out of Toris’s ear and throwing it in your general direction. You caught it, sliding it into your left ear and turning away just slightly. The atmosphere had suddenly become thicker and definitely unpleasant.

It wasn’t that you didn’t like Feliks. It was that he didn’t like you, especially because he knew you liked him, and he had this insane idea that you were trying to steal Toris away from him. He hadn’t told Toris about your affections, surprisingly, and for that much, you were thankful.

“Next semester, you and I should, like, toally move into a dorm room together,” Feliks began chattering away, and Toris’s face was agreeable and kind. He was a good friend.

You wished you could be half as nice as he was.

“Since I live on the fifth floor and like, my roommate already wants to move out—I don’t know why, but thank god, because his, like, ugly posters make me want to literally throw up—it would be good for you and (name) over here too.” Your ears perked up at that. You had almost forgotten that Feliks lived in your same building. Hadn’t Toris texted him to ask him where he was too, or had he only shown concern towards you? “She’s on the sixth floor, right?”

“I am,” you answered, and Feliks rolled his eyes as he side-glanced at you. Toris was looking away from the two of you. “I’ve thought about changing roommates as well, but I’d feel kind of bad, especially if she gets a roommate who is loud and annoying.” Circe often called you loud and annoying, but you knew that she was secretly grateful that you weren’t as awful as you could’ve been, like the two down the hall from your dorm. “I can help you move out, Toris. And then it’d be easier for you and I to hang out in the floor lounge, since they’re only on odd floors.”

“As long as you two don’t except me to, like, deal with you two making-out in my dorm,” Feliks blurted, and your face burned at that. “Are you trying to seduce her by not wearing a shirt, Toris? I totally think it’s a good idea.”

“Feliks!” Toris managed, and that was when the RAs began to tell everyone is was okay to come back into the room.

Feliks jumped up to his feet. “What a short conversation. Not, like, fun at all! You shouldn’t have made me look for you, Toris. Well, anyway, see you guys later.”

He disappeared as quickly as he showed up.

You turned to Toris, whose face was the color of a scarlet morning, and you laughed a little as you stood, holding out your hand. So, maybe Feliks didn’t hate you. Actually, it seemed like he had been low key rooting for the both of you. Toris accepted your hand, but he quickly withdrew his once he was standing, messily folding his arms in front of his chest again, looking just as embarrassed and self-conscious as he had before. You two walked towards the residence building.

You decided to inhale courage. “You know, you’re really attractive, Toris.”

“Not you too, (name),” Toris whined, covering his face and stopping right there. “Didn’t you say not to make a big deal out of it?”

“I’m not teasing you. You’re really nice and good looking, I think.” His face was a little plain, and so was he sense of style, but you thought that was what made him endearing. Not to mention, he was so nice, that he automatically became twenty times more attractive than the hottest guys on campus. “You shouldn’t be so shy. I think anyone would be lucky to much less make-out with you, and definitely to be in a relationship with you.” Your heart was beating pretty wildly. You weren’t even sure if your words made sense or if you just sounded stupid or were freaking him out and ruining things. “Don’t mind Feliks. I don’t mind it.”

He automatically lurched out for your wrist, and you glanced down at his hand delicately curled around your arm. “Y-you think so?” You nodded. He cringed a little, and you felt he was probably worried about something, since his anxiety gave him stomachaches. “H-hey, (name)? Are you free this weekend?” You met his innocent, green eyes and nodded again, smiling, hoping he’d ask to hang out. It wasn’t unusual for him to ask ahead of time, because he was always worried about others and making sure he didn’t inconvenience anyone. “D-do…c-can you…um…want to go on a date with me this weekend?”

Your breath felt short.

Your insides felt disconnected from you.

You almost felt like you were floating, but his warm touch kept you tethered to this earth, and to…him.

A date with Toris Laurinaitis.

“I’d love to.”

Extended Ending:
His hair had been slicked back into the cute ponytail he wore when he was studying, and he smelled like fresh rain. Your fingers lightly played with the baby hairs that were curling up near the base of his neck as he leaned towards you, a blush extending from his throat to the apples of his cheek. The pupils of his eyes were dilated.

“Can I kiss you?” he whispered to you as his bed creaked underneath the weight of his movement.

Your mouth found his as a reply as you grasped the hem of his button-up. The taste of hot chocolate lingered on his lips, and his arms came around you, pressing you against his comfortable chest and the rapid hammering of his heart. His tune matched yours. You’d have to thank Feliks for this, for helping you get the cutest boyfriend in the world, and if the two moved in together for the spring semester… Well, Feliks would probably live to regret giving either of you the confidence to confess.

You giggled into the kiss as your hand wondered up his shirt, earning a bit of a gasp from Toris.

He really was pure.

Too bad you weren’t.

This is SUPER late, but here is the request for the lovely :iconmiss-beastly: !

I apologize for my lateness. There really is no good reason, but I did try my best, and I really did enjoy writing this. Lithuania is such a sweet character, after all. ♥

I really hope you all enjoyed it, and I'm sorry if Lithuania or Poland came out OOC, and if I have any grammar issues (or switched POVs) please tell me, and I will definitely fix it!

Lithuania and Poland and any other character © Hidekaz Himaruya
You © Gold
Story © foreverbeforenight (me)
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Heck yes!! I had seen it when I started the story and was really pumped for it, because I was doing a college AU and it seemed to fit, but when I finally finished and submitted the fic, I didn't know where the au prompt was

and ahhh that's so cool! I got it from a Hetalia blog by accident, then, because I remember just randomly seeing it one day and thinking it would be a rly great thing to incorporate
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I too loooove Canada XD
Sushi-Cutie Featured By Owner Mar 1, 2015  Hobbyist Writer
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Haha, there are some guys out there that SEEM innocent, but there's always a catch, it seems. Like they're just tricking girls, or they have a bad habit like an addiction. Where have all the good man gone~? *singing I need a hero*
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oh god i hate those kinds of guys

normally, they're the guys who self-identify as "nice guys"

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