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June 7, 2012
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You wait anxiously at the airport, biting you lip as you look up at the flight board. It tells you that the airplane from Ontario, Canada is due to arrive in a quarter of an hour, delayed by some nasty weather.

You are waiting for your childhood best friend, Matthew Williams. He is the half-brother of the most annoying guy in the world, Alfred F. Jones, and he lives in Canada with his father while Alfred lives here in the United States with their mother. Al's the older one.

But Matt's the sweeter one. He's so quiet and innocent and cute, and no one ever notices him…but you, of course.

Every summer vacation, he comes down here for two weeks to spend time with his family (his mother and Al) and with you.

He's your best friend.

You play with the hem of your shirt, twisting it back and forth as you impatiently wait. You shift your eyes to Alfred who is standing in front of a McDonald's that is inside the airport, ordering food for the both of you. Their mother has to work, so she can't make it, but Alfred got his red pick-up truck and drove the both of you guys here.

You guys have been here for nearly an hour already, and you're starving. Alfred is taking forever, ordering way too much, but that is expected.

The reason you're so anxious is because you're in love with Mattie. You didn't notice these affections until half a year ago, during winter break, when a girl mistook him for Alfred at the skating rink and started flirting with him. You were completely furious over that and how flustered he got. He even accepted her number despite the fact she clearly thought he was Alfred!

So, you're pretty confident that you've felt this way for him since you guys were little kids, before his father and his and Al's mother split up, and before he left for Canada again. That was about three years ago.

You met him when he moved down here with his father. His father and their mother got remarried when he was about seven. Al and Ms. Jones have been your neighbors since before your birth, and you've always been good friends with Alfred, even if he annoys to no point at times. And of course, Matthew, being the shy sweetheart, completely captured your attention upon first meet. His personality being just about the total opposite of Alfred's is what drew you in, and he quickly became your best friend.

So, this is why every time he comes back into town, Alfred and you head into the airport and wait for him, even if he happens to be over half an hour late like today.

"Here you go, (name)," Alfred says as he returns with three bags of McDonald's food, most of it for him. You accept your drink and meal, thanking him before digging into the fries.

Goodness, you're starving. Matthew better make you pancakes as a consolation for having to eat McDonald's.

You're not the biggest fan of Mickey D's.

When you glance up at the board again, it says that his plane has arrived.

Stuffing more food into your mouth, you quickly stand up, nearly racing towards his gate.

"(Name)!" Alfred calls. "Wait!"

But you can't wait! Matthew's finally here!

Alfred soon catches up with you, all the food in one hand. He catches you by the arm and brings you to a stop. You catch your breath, searching the oncoming crowd for Mattie.

"Wait, (Name)…you've got something…" Alfred says quietly before you look at him. His finger brushes your bottom lip as he cleans something off. "There. Now you look presentable."

You blush before turning around to scan the crowd again, and then you catch sight of him.

He has a suitcase and his white polar bear, Kumajiro. Everyone is stepping on his feet and bumping into him and pushing him, and the poor guy looks like he is struggling quite a lot. He finally makes it to the both of you, and you throw your arms around him.

"Mattie~" you squeal as you hold him tightly, your heart beating ever fast.

"(N)-(name)…" he whispers, but with his hands full, he can't quite hug you back.

"Hey, bro," Alfred says as he bites into a hamburger. "Hungry?"

"Uh…I suppose," he says as you pull away.

Alfred looks down at the food he's holding, and then at McDonald's. He sighs before handing over a bag. Inside this one is the rest of your food and a few extra items he had picked out for himself. You're honestly surprised that Al's giving up his food, especially for his brother.

"Unfortunately, I don't have another soda. Share with (Name)," he says as he shoves your drink into your hand.

You laugh and turn to Matt. "I don't mind if you don't mind."

And he simply gives you a shaky smile.


You are at his house bright and early the next morning. Matthew opens the door for you, a grin sprouting on his face.

"(Name)…" he says before taking your hand and leading you in. "Pancakes?" he offers.

"Of course!"


"With maple syrup!"

He smiles to himself as he serves you. You guys have been doing this since you both were ten. It's tradition for a Saturday morning.

"Hey, do you want to meet my friends? I've made a few new ones since you returned to Canada last December," you ask as you use your fork to slice into the delicious pancakes. "They've been wanting to meet you for a while now."

"You talk about me to them?" Matthew asks, lowering his eyes as a blush grows on his face.

"Of course I do! You're my best friend, dude~"

He nods slightly, feeling tons more sheepish now.

You quickly text your friends to meet you at the park in half an hour.

After eating the delicious meal, you guys wash the dishes and then head out to the park, walking close by each other. You guys remain silent, leaving you to get lost in thought.

This summer, you're going to accomplish it: confession. You HAVE to confess to him before someone steals him away! You don't know who might have their eye on him back in Canada! You don't even know if he even has a girlfriend back in Canada…

You realize then that in truth…you don't know very much about Mattie's life in Canada. It had always been about you, him, and Alfred, this little world between you two.

And then you blurt something out, "How pretty are the girls in Canada?"

He stops walking, lowering his head. "Oh. Um…I guess a lot. But they don't notice me."

Your heart drops for the poor guy. Even if he doesn't like you back, you still want him to be happy, and Matthew definitely deserves to be happy. "Prettier than the ones in America?"

He glances up at you before returning to staring at his shoes. He lets out a short laugh and says, "No."

You wonder if he refers to the girl he met at the skating rink last December. He seemed to be in such a daze after it, and he seemed to honestly like her.

Maybe you're being selfish. You can't always keep Mattie to yourself, can you?

(AN: ROFL! Just kidding, yes you can! This is a reader insert! XD)

"Well, hey," you say as you take his hand in yours, "maybe you'll find the right girl for you here." You give his hand a small squeeze and then look ahead. "And now, to the park! HUZZAH!"

He laughs aloud to that, letting you lead the way.

As soon as you guys arrive amongst your group of friends, one of your friends rushes up to him and slaps him.

Matthew and you freeze, staring at the angry little rocket that's about to explode before you.


"Dude, Al? Why would you say yes to him anyway?" another friend adds.


"Um…guys…this is Matthew Williams, my friend from Canada. He's Alfred's…quieter, nicer half-brother."

Your friend who slapped him gasps and immediately begins to rub his cheek gently before kissing it a few times, trying to get the red to go down. However, her actions just cause him to get even redder, and it is for completely different reasons now.

You feel your whole body tensing, but you don't say a word.

"You know, I can totally see the difference now~ He's so cute, and he seems so shy! Aw!" she coos before hugging him. Unfortunately, she's really tall, so she kind of smashes him against her chest. "Can I keep him, (Name)?"

You laugh, but it comes out kind of forced and bitter. "I'm not his owner. Ask Alfred~" you joke, but in reality, all you want to do is drag him away, yelling back at her about how he only belongs to you.

Selfish, selfish, selfish.

"So, you're from Canada, right?" another of your friends ask as she eats an ice cream cone, sitting on a bench. "Do you say 'eh' a lot and ride a moose to school and drink maple syrup like soup?" Everyone gives her a blank look. "Dudes, I'm kidding. (Name) talks about you all the time, Matthew. She obviously idolizes you."

"A-ah, s-she…does?" he asks, and he is entirely red now. Hard to imagine it since he already was a deep scarlet from having his face stuffed into your friend's cleavage.

"Yeah, but maybe she does it to get Alfred jealous?" your second friend questions.

Your first friend seems slightly irritated at the notion, letting go of Matt in a heartbeat. "(Name) isn't into him!" She then looks at you, her eyes widening in confusion. "Are you?"

You blush. "No way!"

"Uh huh," your third friend remarks before standing. "By the way, we have a party to get to. Wanna tag along, (Name) and Matthew?"

You shake your head. "Not today. Rain check?" Then you look at Mattie. "Unless…you want to?"

He lowers his gaze again and briskly says, "Um…actually…" But he doesn't finish that answer.

"O-oh," you suddenly say. "T-then go! I actually need to do something, so would you guys mind him? I mean, don't let anyone attack him, thinking it's Al, okay?"

"Y-you…don't want to go?" Matthew asks, seeming disappointed.

Hope rises in you a bit. "Uh…I can't, actually. But don't worry about me! Enjoy yourself!" You quickly peck his cheek before waving at all of them quickly. "Later, guys!"

However, as soon as you're about a block away, you regret your decision. What if he finds a girl he really likes there? What is he falls for her then?

Oh, well. You promised Ms. Jones you'd help Alfred clean the shed anyway. Besides, he probably should branch out his friendships to others than just you.

You sigh, wishing Ms. Jones had asked him to help as well, but she didn't dare because he was a guest.


"Alfred, careful!" you shout, having to duck so your head isn't bashed in with a piece of plywood.

"Sorry, (Name)," he laughs heartily as he sets it down on the grass. "Nearly forgot about you there." He then laughs again, throwing his head back. "Matt's rubbing off on you."

You turn pink and head back into the shed. "Funny," you call back.

"Yeah, I'm sure you'd like Matt rubbing himself on you!" he calls out.

Your jaw drops and you whip around. "ALFRED F. JONES!!"

He cracks up, falling to the floor as he rolls around, tears tumbling down from the hilarity of it. "Aha!" he exclaims. "I knew it! You're totally into my brother!"

"I…I am not," you huff as you move another piece of plywood out of the shed.

"Yes! I mean, c'mon, you should see your face light up when he's around! You're totally into him!" He lies on his stomach, propping his hands under his chin. "So, are you going to confess to him?"

"I don't think so," you mumble as you sit down in front of him. "I mean, come on, I get so nervous around him. How am I supposed to say, 'Hey, I love you. Every time I see you, my heart starts to rush, and it feels like I literally can't breathe. You are the most precious person to me, and if given the chance, I'd like to spend the rest of my life with you.' Huh, Al?"

He coos. "Aw, that's so cuuute, babe~"

You stick your tongue out, muttering, "You're no help at all." You stand up and clap your hands. "C'mon, let's finish this so we can go inside and drink some iced tea!"

He jumps onto his feet, and you guys quickly finish before heading inside to the AC and cool drinks.

However, inside is also a teary Canadian with a black eye, being tended to by his mom. You rush to his side, grasping his shoulders.

"Who did this to you?" you literally yell.

He is completely red, and his fists are clenched. You realize he actually looks really angry, which you find kind of unusual. He only gets this way when Alfred does something really, really stupid. "A guy hit me…because he thought I was Alfred." He stands up, pushing Alfred in the chest. "This is your fault!" But his yelling is more like a whisper. "You're such an asshole, Alfred!"

"Now, Matthew," their mother begins calmly, "I know Alfred has done some things…none of us are terribly proud of, but that is no way to treat your brother."

"But it's true!" he says before he suddenly punches Alfred right in the nose and running straight into his room.

Alfred seems absolutely stunned, standing there and looking after his brother. You sigh and run after the Canadian, but he has locked the door to the guest room, where he is staying.

"Matthew," you say softly, knocking lightly. "It's me, (Name). Please let me in."

"Go away." His voice is muffled.

"Matthew…" you say before you pull a bobby pin out of your hair and unlock his door. Your open it and step in, locking it behind you. "Matthew Williams," you whisper before locking the door and going over to him.

He is by the foot of his bed, his face mashed into his bear's stomach as he sits in fetal position. You get on your knees beside him, touching his shoulder.

"Matthew, let me see your eye. We should treat it before the bruises gets too bad."

"Leave me alone!"


He throws his bear at his bed and yells, "Why don't you go back to your boyfriend? Cheer him up instead! Stop feeling bad for me!"

You completely freeze in place as you stare at him, but he remains steady eye contact. You're still trying to register what he just said to you when he stands up and heads to the door, opening it.

"Just leave, (Name)," he says, and his voice cracks when he says your name. "You…you're not helping."

And you stand slowly before going up to him.

And you slam the door shut.


He sighs. "(Name)…"

"No!" you scream, and unlike him, you are actually heard. "Why do you think I am Alfred's girlfriend?"

He turns the color of the maple on his flag, and he lowers his gaze. He seems to do this a lot around you. "W-well, all your friends say you do, and he was touching your lips when I arrived at the airport, and just outside, y-you…you were telling him…how much you love him." And tears seem to form on his eyes.

O-oh. Matthew likes you. That's why he is so angry. He thinks you're in love with his brother, and he's jealous. It kind of surprises you, because he…has never really seemed into you, you think… Or maybe you're just blind and dense when it comes to romance.

So, you facepalm. "You're such an idiot, Mattie, and I thought Alfred was the stupid one." You throw your arms around his neck and stand on your toes, pressing your lips against his swiftly and sweetly. "I'm in love with you. I was talking about you out there. Why do you think I mention you so much? Because I am in love with you, Matthew Williams, and I'm pretty sure I've always loved you."

"N-nuh…uh," he says, his eyes widening.

"Yuh huh!" you protest. "Do you know how jealous I was today when my friend was all over you? Do you know how jealous I was thinking of all the pretty girls you could choose in Canada or at the party? Di you how jealous I was last December at the skating rink when that girl started flirting with you?"

"B-but…she thought I was Al-alfred!"

"And? You still accepted her phone number and everything, and you were in such a daze and…gah, you don't know how selfish I want to be with you, do you? I want you all to myself, Mattie. Did you know how anxiously I waited for you today? I was there for like an hour and a half, waiting just for you, and when your plane arrived, I literally ran to your exiting gate!"

"B-but I gave the number to Alfred! A-and…and I was like that because…you looked really cute in that skirt, (Name)." He is blushing a lot. "And…you're the person I look the most forward to seeing when I fly down from Canada, (Name). I…I am sorry for getting so mad… I was just so…jealous…"

"Don't be, Mattie. There's no contest between you and Al inside my heart. You always win." You kiss him once more, and this time, he wraps his arms around your waist, pulling you closer to him.

"I…am so in love with you," he gasps out between kisses.

And you simply grin.

However, your little moment is quickly stolen from you both when Alfred knocks on the door softly and says, "Uh, guys…this is awkward, but mom and I kind of heard everything. Maybe save this for later?"

You send Mattie a sweet look before you guys disentangle yourselves from each other and head back out.
Dedicated to :iconninjawitchalchemist:~

Aha, she mentioned how I don't write plots that go like this: "This is my friend, who's from some foreign country. I'm secretly in love with him. Oh heyy, he's in love with me too! I totally did NOT see that coming!" *sensual expression of love*


Anyway, hope you guys like~



Story does belong to me.

And you belong to you, but only on Tuesdays. Every other day, you're MINE.

Edit: Oi. I just noticed how long this is. Over 3,000 words. XD
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