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Aly Recinos
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United States
I love to read, write, and draw. ♥ I'm also short. ;P

Also, to all those who watch me or have faved my deviations: THANK YOU.
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It feels like I've done about a dozen of these, but I haven't done one in a while, so I decided I will take on this tag so that all of y'all can bask in my not-so-awesomeness! Yay!

As per usual, I don't follow the rules of this, so I won't be tagging anyone because I AM A COLLEGE KID RULES ARE MEANT TO BE BROKEN AND I CAN DRINK IF I WANT and whatever else idk

10 Things About Me:
1. I am a college freshman this coming fall.
2. I actually will be living on campus despite only living like 10 minutes away.
3. I want to be an elementary school teacher, believe it or not.
4. So, I definitely spent like 20 minutes fawning over the cutest teacher store this recent Saturday at the mall.
5. I love history in ways that cannot be measured.
6. I haven't seen any anime in, like, a really long time.
7. Ditto for Korean dramas. This is really tragic, omg.
8. I still play with Barbies and have a Barbie house despite being almost 18 years old.
9. I already planned out my first classroom while at the teacher store this recent Saturday.

1: If you were a country what country would you be?
~Probably a Nordic country because they're pretty cool. Like Norway or Iceland.
2: Who is your fav music artist?
~I don't really have a "fave". I have favorites, which is plural. Paramore, Girl's Generation, and I've been pretty into The Neighbourhood as of late.
3: If you were in a house in Hogwarts which one would you be in?
~Ravenclaw. Pottermore told me I am a Ravenclaw, and I don't deny it. I feel it.
4: Who is your fav character in the anime Kuroko No Basket? If you dont know just say any character.
~I have...I've never seen that anime or read that manga. I think I've heard of it though? Maybe?
5: What are you most afraid of?
~Being alone. But like, alone in the sense that I know there is no one I can trust and be with. And getting lost in huge, crowded spaces gives me anxiety attacks.
6: Do you prefer cold or hot weather?
7: Who is your fav Greek God or Goddess?
8: Do you have any pet fish?
~Six, in fact.
9: What is your fav food?
~Chimole with rice. I made a fic about it once. Check it out. It has to do with Spain. Also, Italian and Korean cuisine are divine.
10: What is your fav candy?
~I love Junior Mints and Sour Patch.

So, there we go. Because I have no friends and I don't like tagging people—so no one is getting tagged—I won't write down any questions unless you, like, really want to answer some questions or something. SO yeah.

Thanks for learning about me, guys.

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